What is Verifind?

The Verifind Protein Detection Kit addresses two concerns:

  1. Assist with identification of potential problematic areas within the procedure area and GI Endoscopy lab.
  2. Identify breaks in the aseptic techniques and manual cleaning process that result in a breach of effectiveness.

Why Test for Protein? (Click to Expand)

Surfaces in a GI Endoscopy lab require meticulous manual cleaning in order to minimize infection control risks to patients and staff. Inadequate manual cleaning can potentially leave residual protein on a surface. The Verifind Protein Detection Kit is designed to give rapid, easy to read results to help maintain effective cleaning practices for improved patient and facility safety.

What is a Protein? (Click to Expand)

A protein is made up of 200-300 amino acids and found in every living cellular structure. Proteins make up 45% of the human body. Your muscle fibers responsible for motion and locomotion are made up of protein. The transport of materials in the body relies heavily on protein in hemoglobin. Your ability to use energy is protein syntheses. Without protein, your body could not regulate, repair or protect itself.

How Does it Work?

Verifind can detect protein residuals within 1 microgram (one millionth of a gram) sensitivity. If protein is present on any surface, the reagent color changes from brown to blue within 15 seconds. The darker the blue, the stronger the presence of protein detected.

Types of Protein Detected by Verifind:

Blood, mucous, saliva, serum, skin/tissue fragments.

How is Verifind Packaged?

Verifind Protein Detection Kits (REF# 100515) are packaged in TWO boxes of 25 tests (50 total) with two positive controls and 50 test swabs.

Easy to use (Click to Expand)

NOTE: You CAN NOT swab multiple surfaces with the same swab. This will make protein-affected areas impossible to identify. ALWAYS wear gloves when handling the swab and test vial to avoid false positives from contact with skin.